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NeenahPure® media for HVAC, Air Purifier & Air Pollution Control

The NeenahPure® series was developed by Neenah Filtration to protect people in everyday life to breathe clean air.
Our solutions for pleatable & bag filter media are available with a very high DHC, good pressure loss and a very high mechancial stability. By applying high electric charge, we reach efficiencies > 99.9%

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Neenah Filtration is not just a worldwide acting company. We are into your needs, we develope tailor-made solutions and we value long-term customer relationships. 

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Craneglas® benefits for Solar PV Module Lamination

|   Construction Components

Neenah Technical Materials, Inc produces a light-weight scrim within our Craneglas® 230 product series that has been beneficial during the Photovoltaic lamination process. To ensure complete air removal, especially for Photovoltaic “PV” modules with…

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Stretchable & Elastic Meltblown Nonwovens

|   Medical

Stretchable & Elastic Meltblown materials can be used in many different applications. Our colleague Franziska Winterer helps understanding features and shows the benefits but also chooseable options of these special nonwovens that are developed and…

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ISO50001:2018 certification

Neenah Filtration is delighted to confirm the ISO50001:2018 certification which has been proved in our German mill at Neenah Gessner GmbH in October 2021 again. Our goal is to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions to improve the global…

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NeenahPure® - highly charged Meltblown media combines high efficiency with reduced energy consumption plus antimicrobial coatings

|   HVAC & Air Purifier

Neenah Filtration’s NeenahPure® product range is the media solution for HVAC, Air Purification & Air Pollution Control filter elements to provide clean indoor air for a better protection.

The NeenahPure® highly charged Meltblown media increases…

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Craneglas®333 for appliance gaskets

|   Construction Components

As the appliance gasket market becomes more cost competitive and challenging amid distribution challenges brought on by the effects of COVID-19 Neenah Technical Materials, Inc has stepped up to ensure our customers have a fair and suitable solution…

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