Materials for different applications

Automotive & Transportation | Air Purification & Industrial Air Intake | Membrane Casting Substrates | Construction Components | Medical | Textiles

With its materials, Neenah Filtration covers a wide range of applications.
Using different technologies, media is created that is indispensable in everyday life. In the automotive sector, in order to protect people and components, as well as in the industrial sector, where the highest demands must also be met. Our media can also be found in the areas of interior and acoustics.They are installed in buildings and other construction components and provide important advantages with their various properties.
As a backing for Membranes we provide a high quality material for liquid filtration.

Automotive & Transportation

Filter Media for Engine Air Filtration | Filter Media for Fuel Filtration | Filter Media for Oil Filtration | Filter Media for Cabin Air Filtration | Media for Acoustic Absorption | Media for Carbon Fiber Composites


Industrial Filtration

Filter Media for Dedusting Filtration | Filter Media for Industrial Vacuum Cleaner | Filter Media for EDM | Filter Media for Welding Fumes | Filter Media for HVAC


Air Purification

Synthetic Filter Media for HVAC | Electrostatically charged filter media for Air Purifier


Membrane Casting Substrates

Water Filtration, Specialty Filtration Applications, Biopharma/Healthcare/Life Science and Emerging Niche Applications


Construction Components

Media for Photovoltaic, Media for Power Generation, Media for Environmental
Control, Media for Thermal & Electrical Insulation




Media for Medical Test Strips



Media for Decor Industry | Elastic Nonwovens for Textiles