Air Purification

Synthetic Filter Media for HVAC

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning – Pure and healthy air is widely requested and required in industrial, residential, and professional applications.

Neenah produces Meltblown media for pocket and pleated filter. With no harmful fiber shedding Meltblown media allows for a safe and healthy environment. We offer a broad filter media portfolio according to EN779:2002, EN779:2012, and ISO 16890. Additionally, filter media are being developed based on individual needs and customer requirements regarding efficiency, energy consumption or filter lifetime.

Electrostatically charged filter media for Air Purifier

Air Purifiers filter out contaminants from the indoor air in residential and commercial settings. The rising pollution level and increasing airborne diseases require a high efficient filter media.

Neenah’s electrostatically charged Meltblown media can reach efficiencies up to 99.9%. By applying electrostatic charge we can increases the efficiency significantly but still maintain a low pressure drop. We can offer a standard product portfolio but also develop tailor-made media specific to our customers’ needs.