NeenahGuard media for face masks, respirator masks, surgical masks and community masks

It is essential to protect oneself of toxic and health-damaging  fumes, air pollution, fine harmful particles, bacteria, and virus particles.  

Neenah’s electrostatically charged Meltblown can reach efficiencies up to 99.95%. Our portfolio ranges from FFP1 to FFP3 according to EN149 and we fulfil NIOSH 95 and 99.  We have a high flexibility in composition of the media to offer the best solution for your process regardless if you are looking for a pleatable or non-pleatable media.


NeenahGuard for surgical masks




  • BFE >99% acc. to ISO 14683
  • Good breathability
  • Suitable for medical applications
  • Available as composite with spunbond



NeenahGuard for FFP masks




  • FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 according to EN149
  • NIOSH 95 and 99
  • Single Meltblown layer sufficient for filtration efficiency
  • Available as composite with spunbond
  • Very good breathability



NeenahGuard for community masks




  • durable to use it as a single-layer
  • protects people in their every-day
  • good next-to-skin-comfort
  • semisynthetic material
  • ultrasonic weldable


Medical Test Strips

Our thin hydrophilic Craneglas® 230 materials are ideal for medical test strips due to their controlled wicking properties, even distribution of flow, and affinity to most reacting agents. It can be easily slit and is dynamically strong for downstream processing.