Membrane Casting Substrates

Cranemat®, is a polymeric wet-laid, calendered non-woven, manufactured in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  It is a membrane support substrate of choice, specified by membrane manufacturers world-wide. It has a reproducibly smooth uniform surface and controlled porosity that allows for high quality membrane casting.

It has been used across the membrane filtration spectrum including Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, and other specialty applications. Critical characteristics such as porosity, thickness and basis weight, as well as roll width and length, are routinely tailored to meet customer’s specific needs. The employees of Neenah Technical Materials pride themselves in caring about the of success of their customers, being responsive to customer needs and providing an excellent product in a timely fashion.


Clean water is a necessity for the survival of humankind. Today clean water is a diminishing resource, making water purification technology more important than ever. Our Cranemat products are especially designed to meet customer’s unique specifications for membrane support backing used in reverse osmosis for seawater, brackish water, tap water, residential and waste water filtration segments.

Specialty Filtration Applications

Applications like Juice and Dairy processing can deal with thicker more viscous fluids, as they separate out solids or proteins, perhaps under higher pressures, requiring frequent cleaning cycles.  A more robust, stiffer membrane is often necessary to handle these challenging conditions.  These membranes require a specialized backing fabric which can hold up to their demanding process parameters.

The Cranemat line also offers stronger membrane backing substrates with higher basis weight and thicker caliper, optimized for excellent membrane adhesion, for these and other specialty applications.

Biopharma / Healthcare / Life Science and Emerging Niche Applications

Neenah Technical Materials is focused on meeting the needs of novel and emerging applications.  For example, our materials are now used to bond dissimilar substrates like a bulk nonwoven to microporous film, or to serve as printing substrate for conductive networks or for nanoparticle immobilization.  Neenah Technical Material’s R&D group continues to work closely with researchers to develop and supply materials for these new and emerging markets.

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Cranemat® nonwovens for membrane casting substrates

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As we strive together for a more sustainable world end users are requiring water filtration products that are more efficient and need to withstand increasingly harsh and diverse conditions of service. Our Cranemat® product series is the solution for…

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Neenah Increases Capacity of Cranemat® Wet Laid Nonwoven Membrane Substrate for Liquid Filtration and Separation Sectors

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Alpharetta, GA, January 22, 2020 – Neenah Technical Materials, a subsidiary of Neenah Inc. (NYSE: NP) is pleased to announce an investment to increase production capacity for Cranemat® to support continued strong growth in water filtration.

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