Media for Decor Industry

Our 100% synthetic PET wet-laid Cranemat® media has excellent properties. It can be easily printed, pleated, and embossed. The thermal and dimensional stability, in combination with its attractive formation, allows for applications such as window shades, wall coverings and furniture. The material can be tailored to the customer’s needs by controlling thickness, porosity, and basis weight.

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Stretchable & Elastic Meltblown Nonwovens

|   Medical

Stretchable & Elastic Meltblown materials can be used in many different applications. Our colleague Franziska Winterer helps understanding features and shows the benefits but also chooseable options of these special nonwovens that are developed and…

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Cranemat® - our media solution for window shades & the décor industry

|   Textiles

Neenah Filtration’s materials for window shades have to fulfill excellent properties as they need to be easily printed, pleated, and embossed. They can also be used in the wall covering and furniture industry.

Our Cranemat® nonwoven materials are…

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