Synthetic wet-laid nonwovens - Cranemat®

Neenah Technical Materials located in Pittsfield, MA manufactures our wet-laid synthetic nonwovens. They're thermally bonded nonwovens incorporating poyester (PET) or bicomponent fibers.

These Cranemat® products are offered in both high bulk or calendered forms to enhance the range of physical performance characteristics including tensile strenght, tear strenght, porosity, permeability, absorption, and laminate strength.

The grammage varies from 17.5 gsm to 140 gsm (0.5 osy to 4.0 osy) and its uniform formation gives these products versatility in the market place. 

You can find our Cranemat® media in these applications

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Cranemat® - our media solution for window shades & the décor industry

|   Textiles

Neenah Filtration’s materials for window shades have to fulfill excellent properties as they need to be easily printed, pleated, and embossed. They can also be used in the wall covering and furniture industry.

Our Cranemat® nonwoven materials are…

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Neenah Increases Capacity of Cranemat® Wet Laid Nonwoven Membrane Substrate for Liquid Filtration and Separation Sectors

|   Membrane Casting Substrates

Alpharetta, GA, January 22, 2020 – Neenah Technical Materials, a subsidiary of Neenah Inc. (NYSE: NP) is pleased to announce an investment to increase production capacity for Cranemat® to support continued strong growth in water filtration.

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