Innovation ‚Made in Bavaria‘ hosted by Neenah Gessner GmbH & Bayern Innovativ

Neenah Gessner GmbH, the Bavarian Mill Owner Association and Bayern Innovativ (Governmental supported networking organisation) have been hosting 40 Bavarian companies and networking partners like the Professors of companioned Universities in the Weidach Mill. Due to the innovative character of the mill in product fields like filtration, automotive, food, industrial applications, etc. it has been an ideal synergy with the Bayern Innovativ group that drives networking and crossfunctional developments in the regional industries. Several high tech papers were given and a detailed mill our gave a perfect foundation for open discussions afterwards lasting into the evening. Questions, ideas, new combinations of products and developmental aspects where exchanged and will be followed up in the future.

A ‚real success story‘ was the comment heard from the organizing partners as they reviewed this first time event after the closure. It has been an example of good company‘s presentations, high level expertiece attention and open networking. It made ground for further events in the near future.