The principle of wet-laid process is similar to traditional paper manufacturing. The difference lies in the amount of synthetic fibers present. A dilute slurry of water and fibers is deposited on a moving wire screen and drained to form a web, then thermally bonded. Our company uses both incline and flat wire paper machines, combining a wide variety of fibers, and saturants to create unique and specialized products for our customers.




Our Synthetic wet-laid materials are thermally bonded nonwovens incorporating polyester (PET) or bicomponent fibers. This Cranemat® products are offered in both high bulk or calendered forms to enhance the range of physical performance characteristics including: tensile strength, tear strength, porosity, permeability, absorption, and laminate strength. The Grammage varies from 17.5gsm to 140gsm (0.5osy to 4.0osy) and its uniform formation gives these products versatility in the market place.



Our nonwoven material made of glass is formed by a special wet-lay process using chopped strand glass fibers of various lengths. First manufactured in 1970, the Craneglas® line of products is used extensively in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer applications where low thermal conductivity and superior thermal / flammability resistance are mandatory.

Craneglas® is available in basis weights from 18gms to over 650gsm (0.5osy to over 20.0osy) with specialty binders and coatings available to provide enhanced thermal stability, chemical resistance, absorbency, and other properties




Using inclined and flat wire paper machines, we produce a further range of products - technical special papers. Alongside selected cellulose fibres, we use synthetic, glass or carbon fibres to give further special properties, such as strength.
With creping technology, we can achieve different surface characteristics, from very fine to very rough crepe profiles, and with various stretch properties.
Depending on requirements, we can produce weights of 18 – 250g/m² and air permeabilities of 1 – 2000 l/m²/s. 

Our media are also available with FSC® certification
The FSC® certification stands for sustainable forest management - the careful use of resources. In our case, cellulose, which we use for most of our products.
Through this certification, we ensure that for FSC® products only celluloses are used, which are produced and processed under the strict FSC® rules.
Thus, we support our customers in their efforts to produce products with the FSC® label.
For more information, see www.fsc.org