Industrial Filtration

Neenah offers a wide range of Industrial filter media. Combining efficient filtration with a low pressure drop at a competitive price. By utilizing the ability to combine production processes, raw materials, and coating technologies Neenah specializes our products to meet individual customer needs. The state-of-the-art machine park today produces filter media in the USA and Germany that meet the highest demands. Tested in the best-equipped testing laboratories, tested from the intermediate product to the finished end product, the quality is of consistently high quality.

Our wetlaid products range from 100% cellulose, synthetic, or glass fibers, to a wide range of these fibers blended together as needed. Additionally, we offer a wide range of functionalized resin systems or Drylaid (fully synthetic) materials with fibers ranging from 250nm to 25μm- which can be incorporated on or offline using various bonding methods. Products become extremely versatile, fit for most Industrial applications. This along with over 50 years of filtration experience leads to superior products and performance.

Filter Media for Dedusting Filtration

In environments with high dust concentration the lifecycle of standard depth filter material is limited. Therefore, dedusting filter media needs very good surface filtration properties in order to reach the high performance requirements in lifetime (cleanability) and efficiency.

Neenah’s media are classified according to the efficiency standards EN779:2012 (F7 – F9) and ISO 16890 and tested according the VDI3926 regarding their lifetime (testing of cleanable filter media).

Due to high mechanical stability these media are designed for the pulse clean process and for high speed converting from roll goods into filters.

Different material set-up from fully synthetic to meltblown-paper combinations are available coming from the most modern machine park, with online quality control systems and width up to 2,5m.

Filter Media for Gas Turbine Air Intake

In harsh every environment, it's the most important to protect plants and machineries against the particles in the intake air. Our filter media help to remove particulate contaminants to prevent blade fouling and erosion and helps to keep the efficiency on a high level.

Neenah Filtration's synthetic gas turbine filter media are F9 approved accoring to EN779:2012 and ePM1: 80% according to ISO 16890. Our very good pleatiability results in sharp pleats. Additionally, our media provide a good air permeability to efficiency ratio, offering higher efficiency at low pressure loss. The material can be used as a static medium but also for reverse pulse applications for high dust load environments. Gas Turbine media by Neenah Filtration are OEM approved but also available in the aftermarket.

Online failure detection systems and permeability control in the production line guarantee the high and reliable quality of this filter media

Filter Media for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Filter media for industrial vacuum cleaners have to protect people and equipment from various types of dust in different dust concentrations. Neenah offers a complete product portfolio from polymeric nanofiber to microfiber, from flame retardant cellulose to PET spunbond and combinations thereof. Filter media can be finished hydrophobic or hydrophilic, depending on the end application.

Filter Media for EDM

Neenah’s media for EDM (spark erosion) machinery achieve the cleanliness level EDM machines need for good erosion results. Materials are designed for a long lifetime and good efficiency, ranging from 2µm to 25µm. The filter media is designed as surface filter material to ensure the precise separation of particles resulting in accurate productions. Resin systems or fiber composition are made to withstand high mechanical demands, even after weeks in dielectric liquids.

Filter Media for Welding Fumes

For filtration of welding fumes Neenah is offering different materials. High efficient combination media (paper- meltblown) up to F9 acc. to EN779:2012 can be used without any pretreatment and assure long lifetime. The efficiency ensures the proper protection of people and environment. Pure cellulosic materials with flame retardant resin system are used, as well as fully synthetic SMS materials.