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Antibacterial & antiviral coatings for air filtration applications

What if there was a material on which viruses, bacteria & fungi die within hours?
What if we didn't have to worry about it indoors?
Regardless of the current COVID situation, clean air is a requirement that has always been important and is likely to…

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Video | NeenahGuard® - our media solution for facemasks and respirators

Things you should know about NeenahGuard®
Katrin Sandbichler, Senior Account Executive at Neenah Filtration in Germany, tells us more about the material, the application but also the benefits of our NeenahGuard® series for face masks & respirators.

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Craneglas® - our media solution for medical test kits

In these extraordinary times, both private individuals and industries are taking a number of measures to put a stop to the COVID-19 crisis. While many people around the world are still waiting for their vaccinations, viral infections can also be…

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NeenahPure® - our HVAC filter media solution for clean air

In a world where polluted air, virus particles, and bacteria are part of our daily lives it is important to protect ourselves from them. HVAC and Air Purifier filters play a key role in providing clean indoor air.  A high-quality filter media is…

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Heavy Duty Air Media

Neenah Filtration is well known as an expert in Heavy Duty Air Media. With more than 50 years of experience we have the technical expertise to provide light weight, thin media with proper strength properties for converting, while allowing deep…

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Engine Air Medium – 100% cellulose based

Decreasing space under the hood and the increasing volumes of air needed by engines today mean that highly specialized filter media with high dust capacity are required.

These requirements can be achieved by using our 100% leading edge cellulose…

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Neenah Filtration develops NeenahGuard® material for civil masks

Neenah Filtration is proud to introduce a new NeenahGuard® material to facilitate the societies way back to normal life. The constant demand of mouth-nose protection for an everyday use prompted the development of a filter medium for community and…

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Neenah Filtration expands meltblown capacities and develops material for community masks

Created by Neenah Filtration |

Due to the current situation regarding the COVID 19 virus, Neenah Filtration expanded the capacities for face mask materials at short notice in order to support the increasing demand by supplying meltblown for respiratory protection at the production…

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NeenahGuard® FFP3 filter media in loop scarf urbandoo® for respiratory protection

In our everyday life we are exposed to a lot of pollutants leading to fine dust particles, pollen, and bacteria harming our respiratory system.

Our newly developed Neenah Meltblown builds  the basis to remove these particles in the loop scarf urband…

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Innovation ‚Made in Bavaria‘ hosted by Neenah Gessner GmbH & Bayern Innovativ

Neenah Gessner GmbH, the Bavarian Mill Owner Association and Bayern Innovativ (Governmental supported networking organisation) have been hosting 40 Bavarian companies and networking partners like the Professors of companioned Universities in the…

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PRESS RELEASE - Neenah Increases Capacity of Cranemat® Wet Laid Nonwoven Membrane Substrate for Liquid Filtration and Separation Sectors

Alpharetta, GA, January 22, 2020 – Neenah Technical Materials, a subsidiary of Neenah Inc. (NYSE: NP) is pleased to announce an investment to increase production capacity for Cranemat® to support continued strong growth in water filtration.

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Networking meeting "Paper & Film" in cooperation with Bayern Innovativ

We're looking forward to many interesting discussions and new ideas at the network meeting paper & film in our Weidach mill on "High-tech products for innovative functions: mobility, sport & health - use cross-sector application potential".


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Neenah Filtration wins Media Supplier Award

As part of the annual Supplier's Day, Neenah Filtration received the award for the Best Media Supplier for the fourth time in a row.

We would like to thank our partner and customer G.u.D. for the trust you have placed in us and the many years of…

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Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant Resin Systems: Toward Tailor-Made Flame Retardant Saturations

Fabian Fritze, R&D Manager Neenah Filtration, to talk about tailor-made flame retardant saturation solutions at Filtrex in Berlin.

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JEC Innovation Award for Neenah Filtration

Neenah Filtration was one of the partners to develope sandwiched materials made of carbon fibers.

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